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About Our Mobile Health Services


Crystal Anderson

Founder & CEO

Crystal Anderson, the founder of California Mobile Acupuncture, resides in Huntington Beach, with her husband and three young children. Originally hailing from the serene landscapes of Big Bear, California, Anderson’s story unfolds as she embarks on a journey that has led her to become a transformative figure in holistic healthcare. Her endless selfless giving to others and honest desire to help people live a healthier life is a testament to her unwavering commitment to pioneering a new era in health and well-being. 


Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine, and a Master’s Degree from Five Branches University in San Jose, Anderson’s educational journey laid the foundation for a career marked by innovation and compassion. 


She began her career as a reproductive massage therapist and acupuncturist for Nurture Acupuncture, specializing in fertility and pregnancy. However, it was her pivotal venture into stroke rehabilitation at El Camino Hospital Stroke Rehab Center in Los Gatos that ignited the spark for her entrepreneurial odyssey. This venture paved the way for the birth of California Mobile Acupuncture, an endeavor catering to the evolving needs of patients seeking in-home treatments.


Amidst the hustle of being a dedicated mother, wife, and business owner, Anderson navigates challenges with grace and determination. Teamwork with her husband, a robust support system, and a discerning eye for the right employees form the pillars of her success. As an advocate for aspiring women entrepreneurs, Anderson champions the importance of setting long-term goals, staying goal-oriented, and giving back. She is an avid philanthropist with a compassionate spirit, dedicating her time, resources, and financial support to a diverse array of charities and causes.


Charitable involvement, mentorship, leadership, patience, and a strong work ethic compose the symphony of skills that define Anderson. California Mobile Acupuncture, her brainchild, offers a comprehensive array of on-demand holistic healthcare solutions, ranging from acupuncture and massage therapy for things like pregnancy, postpartum, pain, stroke, and palliative care to nutritional counseling. Anderson is dedicated to revolutionizing natural wellness…offering services designed to enhance one's overall health. 

For those seeking a profound wellness journey that combines ancient and modern practices, book a session by clicking here. Crystal Anderson’s unwavering commitment to personalized care and excellence continues to create a lasting impact on the wellness of her clients, setting the stage for a transformative and vibrant future.

Achieve your true potential in health and in life!

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